About Us

Take a tour of our range of multi-flavored cakes and pick as many you want for your occasion. We deliver the best for the best ones. Whatever may be the occasion, you must celebrate it with the ones special to you.

What Cakes we Deliver

We are the fastest in delivering fresh cupcakescakes, and pastries that are simply delicious. Our simple yet fastest delivery system and easiest payment method make us unique. For more details on types of cake, do look into types, flavors, and occasions we take order for. Please check out the FAQs and Terms and Conditions for further details.  

Wherever you are, you can be assured that our entire range of cakes and pastries are carefully baked, right in the heart of our town. You'll be sure to find our love for baking by our classic flavors and our sweet new seasonal delicacies.

If you are wondering to celebrate mother's day, your first wedding anniversary, your baby's first birthday, or even official treats, we are ready to add some soft fondant, put some flavors, and sprinkle some happiness into your day.

Further Information:
Phone:+91 904 557 2207 
Email: info@giftcakes.in

Knock-knock… There are new bakers in our town. We are taking orders now. Happy every day!!