Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

These Ts & Cs apply to giftcakes.in website whereby visiting or placing an order, you confirm to have read these Terms and Conditions and agree to adhere to the same entirely. You must not use this site or its services if you don’t agree with these Ts & Cs. Please note that these terms and conditions are occasionally updated, so kindly, keep checking this page for any updates whenever possible.

2. How we work

Whenever you buy cakes from us, we process it right away to dispatch through giftcakes.in website. You’ll be contracting with us for every order you place through our website.

Email Address: info@giftcakes.in

Telephone Numbers: +91 904 557 2207

3. Order processing

Product description

We follow very best practices to ensure cake type is detailed correctly on giftcakes.in in terms of prices and features. However, there may be slight variations in color, typefaces, and layout of the actual cake as to what is shown on the website.

Placing your order

As you place an order with us by selecting a cake type and checking out, you’ll be sent an acknowledgment via email or phone (whichever you find suitable). Please note that your completion of the checkout process will be completed upon payment of a specific product you order. Non-payment of order doesn’t constitute acceptance at our end. Our acceptance of your order only takes place when we dispatch your cake only after confirming payment.

A purchase contract between you and us is therefore made while dispatching, and not at the point of ordering. If you cancel your order within the permissible time-period, then no purchase contract will be made. 

At times, we may not be able to accept an order due to the following reasons:

a. If your chosen ingredients are out of stock.

b. If your payment is not accepted for any technical errors.   

c. If there is a problem with pricing or product description.   

d. If you are not eligible according to what has been set out in our Terms & Conditions. 

e. If the order for personalized products contains a reference to any copyrighted or unauthorized information. 


f. If your order for personalized products contains content/message which is threatening, obscene, defamatory, seditious, indecent, offensive, abusive, pornographic, inciting racial hatred, discriminatory, menacing, scandalous, inflammatory, blasphemous, or which may cause annoyance or inconvenience to others.


Note: We reserve every right to cancel your order at any time and issue a full refund. 

Things to Note while placing orders

We take, process, prepare, and box your cake that certainly would take some time. Here are some things you need to note.

a. The last order can be placed at 6 pm every day. For example, if you place an order at 6 pm, we’ll prepare it to deliver within the next two hours.

b. You can place an order anytime for the delivery shall be made within the given time slots mentioned in the order form. For example, if you place an order at midnight, the earliest it will be delivered is the next day, from 6 am onwards.

Changing or cancelling an order

a. All our cakes, pastries, and cupcakes are prepared and decorated to order, and so once the order has been set as 'Processed' or 'Dispatched,' we are unable to cancel it at the last minute. 

b. Please note that to cancel your order and get a refund, you need to cancel it at least 2 hours before the expected delivery. 

c. You may contact us for order cancellation via info@giftcakes.in  or calling us at +91 904 557 2207  and +91 919 345 0247  (WhatsApp us for a quick response). 

d. the above details also apply to any changes you wish to make in cake types, design, recipe, size, etc.

Personalising your cakes

giftcakes.in strives to provide you with a delicate and high-quality cake decorating service. Please double-check your order displayed on the screen, including your acknowledgment email, to ensure that all the details provided by you are correct. 

You will be asked to provide the personalization message while placing an order. In case you realize an error has been made before your order is 'Processed,' please contact us through as per your convenience to remind of the same so we can do our best to fix it in time. We will be unable to offer any refund once the order has been processed, the personalization has been misspelled by you, or is missing letters or a photo has been sent with poor quality or a photo has not been sent (for Photo cake).

When you are sending a photo, it must be sent in a JPEG format. Formats such as word document or PDFs will not be accepted. For the best quality of photo cake, we advise you to make the image dimensions at least 1,000 pixels. Images with a lower resolution are also accepted. 


Payment At giftcakes.in, you can pay for your order via online payment (Wallets, Debit card, Credit card, Internet banking) or cash on delivery.

4. Supply and pricing of goods

The cakes, pastries, and cupcakes sold on our website are prepared in Saharanpur from the highest quality ingredients and shipped directly from giftcakes.in affiliates and partners. We have collaborated with specialized bakers, and we assure you that your cake arrives in fresh and good condition.

Prices and GST

All prices shown on the website include GST at the prevailing rate if applicable.

Cake sizes

The size of the cakes quoted on the website are only approximation. It is standard in the industry to quote the size of the tin which the cakes is baked in and, depending on which recipe you have chosen; it is possible for the cake size to vary by a small amount.

5. Reporting a problem

If, for any reason you are not happy with your order, please contact the Customer Service Team at +91 904 557 2207 or +91 919 345 0247 via a call or WhatsApp or you can write us at info@giftcakes.in . 

Note: Cakes are perishable and need to be refrigerated as soon as it arrives.

6. Delivery

Door-to-door delivery is free for every order placed at giftcakes.in whether single or bulk. All deliveries are carried out by one of our delivery executives at giftcakes. Giftcakes.in coordinates closely with all our cake specialists to ensure that your order is delivered on time. The order will be sent on the all day delivery option (8am to 8pm).

If there are any delays in the delivery, then you are required to report this immediately to our Customer Services Team so that they can work with the couriers to resolve the issue as early as possible. 

7. Exceptional cases

You are advised to notify us via call or WhatsApp if there is no response from your side or are not available at home or office to receive your order. Our delivery agents will also try your neighbor if possible before taking the delivery back to the depot. Our couriers will try all available options to deliver the cake within their remits before returning the order to the depot.

Couriers do not call ahead to advise they will be delivering, and phone numbers provided are for the sole use of when a location cannot be found. A driver will call for further directions in these instances.

8. Content rules

giftcakes.in does not allow personalised products to include any content or material which:

  • Infringes anyone's copyright of a product/person/company in particular.
  • Violates any other rights, such as a trademark, of any person, entity, or a duty owed to any person/entity. 
  • Is false, inaccurate, misleading, offensive, abusive, threatening or defamatory, or might cause annoyance, inconvenience or distress to any person.
  • Misrepresents identity or impersonates any person
  • It contains material which is pornographic, obscene, indecent, or offensive, which promotes discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age, or that may incite hatred or violence against any person group.
  • May harass, upset, embarrass, or alarm any person.
  • Advocates promote or assist any unlawful act.

9. Circumstances beyond our control

Neither we, nor any delivery service that we use, shall be liable for any failure in delivery services where such failure or delay results from any circumstances outside our reasonable control; these circumstances include but are not limited to adverse weather conditions (such as rain and extremities), fire, explosion, accident, traffic congestion, obstruction of any private or public highway, riot, an act of God, or industrial dispute or strike.

10. How we use your Contact Information - Privacy Statement

The personal information you share with us such as email, address, or contact number will include your contact and delivery details, payment information, and information about the mentioned recipients. Where a phone number is requested, we may use this to contact you to ensure that you are happy with the service you received.

11. Intellectual property

Giftcakes copyright all text, software, infographics, media, page layouts, design, and other material that appears on the Website .in. You are not permitted to remove any copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property notices contained in content taken from giftcakes.in for commercial or industrial purposes.

12. Website content and service availability

We will always try to ensure that giftcakes.in is available 24/7. However, we will not be liable if, for any reason, the Website is unavailable at any time or for any period.

13. Links

We may, at times, provide links to other websites or resources for your convenience. We do not endorse the contents of third-party websites and are not accountable for their availability or service. We will not be accountable for any loss or damage you may suffer by using those websites. If you decide to access linked third-party websites, you do so at your own risk.

14. General

These Terms are intended to contain your entire agreement with us relating to the Services offered by giftcakes.in. If any of these Terms is found to be invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions, which shall remain fully enforceable.

The Terms and Conditions mentioned above are subject to update any day and at any time. Therefore, you are advised to keep checking this page for further updates.